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Welcome to our Studio96 Blog: “Where Magic Happens”!

We have so many wonderful events and developments happening. This is our space to share about them, and give you a peek into our world.
These past few years have been a time of prolific growth and development.
You may have heard our story before.
Studio96 was once St Stephen’s Anglican Church–a historic landmark in the McCauley District. Like many old buildings, it was ordered for demolition.  Luckily, that wasn’t the end of the story. In a flash of inspiration, two Architects and an Event Planner came together with a vision. They combined their complimentary skills and creative synergy. Thus, Studio96 was born. A beautiful and inspiring event space–for both private and public happenings.
So often people are quick to tear down old structures. In Studio96, we found a way to preserve the old, intermingled with the new. Studio96 is testament of what can happen when creativity and a vision join together. Since then, we have went through many growing pains, and many wonderful becomings.

One of our favourite facets of the event space are the special Wedding packages we offer. It’s so meaningful to be with people on one of the most special day of their lives… helping them create and craft every detail, to make their dream wedding come true. We believe: there’s so much value in the little things. Our Event Coordinator adds her unique personal touch to each event, assisting in weaving together all the details, to create a meaningful tapestry. We’ve had the privilege of witnessing so many beautiful unions the past few years. What an honour!

We also especially love hosting and supporting community events. The city of Edmonton is burgeoning with vibrant talent. We provide an inspiring venue for the whole gamut of creative expression… from live music of all genres… theatrical performances, dance, ballet, , and festivals. Since our inception, we’ve had the honour of hosting so many wonderful events: from the Winter Warmer concert series, to the C’mon Festival (Chamber Music New and Old), Edmonton City Ballet,  Edmonton Poetry Festival, the Kokopelli Choir Crawl, Pro Coro Choir … and the list goes on.
In our upcoming Blogs we will be profiling some of these past events. We will also offer a sneak-peek into some of our future events. We hope you will take the opportunity to attend one of our community events …. check out the Studio…. and enjoy some local talent.
Or, maybe you have an event of your own you are thinking of putting on. Give us a call 780.428.8450.
Also, if you’ve never been in Studio96 you can take a peek from the comfort of your chair. Go to our home page– scroll down –and enter our virtual tour.
Whether you are hosting an event, or attending an event here in our space, one thing is for sure: Studio96 inspires.
Thanks for visiting. 🙂
(**Note: Blog banner photo of Northern Lights by Jens Gaethje. Visit his website: or Facebook page: @Jensgaethjephotography)

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