Spring is just starting to peek through in Edmonton…. and we are excited to begin some renovations here at Studio96! Such a fresh and exciting time of year– the season of new growth, change, and renewal. We look forward to upgrading our Studio to bring you more special features.
This past Winter we did some general renovations of our vestibule to make it more colorful, warm and welcoming to all who walk through our doors. See pic below:
We also added a private Bridal Suite downstairs. Now our Brides have their own cozy space to relax, freshen up, and get ready for their big moment!
And, we added some beautifying features to our cozy downstairs space… which is a favorite spot for creative photo-ops!
Now for the next round of exciting renovations! We will be closed for the season. We will re-open this Summer – bringing you a palette of fresh changes.

After the renos, we will be hosting an Open House to showcase¬† Studio96. If you haven’t visited us yet – now will be your chance.

Stay Tuned…. Date to be Announced soon.

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring, full of new growth!  Enjoy!