What do you get when you take one gorgeous historic church on the verge of demolition + One Event Planner + Two Architects? Studio 96.
A magical inspiring space to create the event of your dreams.

Our Story

When you combine a gorgeous historic building, with a trio of talented people, propelled by a vision of inspiration…

Magic Happens.

Studio 96 was formerly the St Stephen’s Anglican Church, a historic landmark on Church Street. When the church was ordered to be demolished, Architects Ernst von Meijenfeldt and Eugene Silva had a flash of inspiration. They gathered resources and purchased the church, not knowing exactly what lay ahead. Soon they began renovations, applying their creative flair for design.

Founders of E3 Architecture, the partners moved their firm’s office into the church. But they knew there was something bigger waiting to happen….

Then, Studio Manager Diana Harrison entered the scene. Diana has a history in the service & event planning industry.  Together, the trio transformed Studio 96 into what it is today: a magical and inspiring venue in the heart of downtown Edmonton… to create the event of your dreams.

Adding More Inspiration to Edmonton

Studio 96 is proud to contribute to the revitalization of the McCauley district. McCauley is a neighborhood burgeoning with potential. Rather than taking a historic structure and tearing it down, resources were joined with creative vision—to bring more vibrancy to this historic and culturally diverse neighborhood.

It’s not always about getting rid of the old. Sometimes it’s about infusing the old with the new. Now the old and new walk hand in hand – with a historic structure turned into a contemporary and charming event space available for community rentals.

Beautifying the Community

Studio96_Mural3In Spring 2016, a touch more inspiration was added to the neighborhood, with this gorgeous mural on the east window of Studio 96.

The mural was designed by Darcy MacDonald and Tanya Klimp of Black Artifex. The city of Edmonton providing a 50% matching grant for this neighborhood beautification project.

The McCauley Revitalization Team

The McCauley Revitalization is a community-led team, dedicated to bringing fresh vitality into this beautiful historic neighborhood. The McCauley Revitalization team have been warmly welcoming and supportive of Studio 96 since our beginnings. We are proud to contribute to the growth and development of the McCauley district.

To learn more about them the McCauley Revitalization team visit:


Studio 96… Where Magic Happens.

Our Team


Studio Manager

When Studio Manager Diana Harrison opens the door to welcome you into Studio 96, you will immediately feel at home. Diana emanates a natural warmth that puts anyone at ease. Her bright smile is contagious, and her positive energy is magnetic.
Diana has a long-time history in the service and event planning industries. Her first job was as a hostess for one of Europe’s largest holiday resort chains, providing care and attention to make her guests feel at home. This then led to a position as a Flight Attendant on a private jet for one of Australia’s largest entertainment companies, attending to celebrities and esteemed individuals from all walks of life. Diana was well-known for making everyone’s experience seamless, enjoyable, and memorable. Currently, along with being the driving force behind Studio 96, Diana coordinates seminars at one of Edmonton’s largest conference centres, organizing events with over 500 guests from around the world.

Diana is a great listener, making it easy for clients to discuss their ideas and wishes, fleshing out event visions and themes. While you are speaking – you can be assured that Diana’s mind is stirring with her keen sense of creative vision and fine attention to detail. She loves to go that extra mile for her clients, and believes that attention to small details makes a huge difference.  Diana is well-seasoned in working with all budgets, and can make the most of yours, by creating beautiful, elegant spaces and atmospheres. Part of the charm of hosting an event at Studio 96 is knowing you are in good hands with Diana, throughout the entire planning process, to the spectacular end result.

Architects Ernst von Meijenfeldt and Eugene Silva are the Founders and Visionaries behind Studio 96. They are working partners and Founders of the firm E3 Architecture www.e3architecture.com. Combined, Ernst and Eugene have over 55 years experience on a wide portfolio of projects in Europe, the USA, and Canada. Some of their local works include: the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert, the Oasis Conference Centre, Country Side Golf Club in Sherwood Park, and many residential homes and estates. Their professional expertise in design coupled with their inspired vision is the driving force behind Studio 96.

Ernst von Meijenfeldt


Eugene Silva


Sylvia van Loveren

Administrator & Event Host

Sylvia van Loveren has a long history in the realms of office management, administration, and event coordination & planning. She has been part of the Studio 96 since it first began. Sylvia works behind-the-scenes, managing the office, and applying her impeccable attention to detail in supporting your special event.

You may also see Sylvia hosting some of Studio 96’s events–shining her warmth and positive energy to each person she welcomes. Along with being part of Studio 96, Sylvia also coordinates monthly international seminars around the world. She has a fine attention to detail, and will assist in taking care of the practical steps when planning your perfect event.

Amy Gallagher is a Social Media Specialist, Marketing Magician, Professional Writer, Editor & Poet, and Creative Powerhouse. She brings a broad range of experience and expertise to the Studio 96 team–-with a rich background in the creative and media arts. Amy spent a decade as the Managing Editor of a national health magazine. She currently works closely with Authors in shaping their written works; as an Editor, co-writer or co-creator. Amy is the primary Editor for renowned spiritual Author Jeff Brown, Founder of Enrealment Press; and has worked with a broad range of published Authors. She specializes in Communications of an insightful and inspirational nature.

Amy has been a leader in numerous entrepreneurial ventures. She has a broad range of clients in the marketing and social media realms. She is also the co-creator of “Concerts for the Soul,” healing and empowering people through the artistic blend of music and poetry. She markets, arranges and coordinates these events, while sharing her poetic delights with dedicated crowds. Amy brings passion, vision, insight, and enthusiasm to the Studio 96 Team.

Amy Gallagher

Marketing & Communications Manager

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